list of (other) works

Impostures Intellectuelles
[formally Defeat of the Cynics]
wurlitzer, clavinet/pianet, rhodes, 2 gtrs, cymbal, pre-recorded audio
Premièred November 2012, Tranzac Club, Toronto as part of 416 Improvisation Festival

las lajas (the sails)
open instrumentation

sirens of titan
open instrumentation

harmoniums of mercury
open instrumentation

vla, harp, fl or open instrumentation

fl/picc, ob/eh, 2 vln, vla, vcl, keybd, per or open instrumentation

dauphin, no more
for Recorder Quintet or open instrumentation

exit the plutocrats
premièred by the neither/nor ensemble at somewherethere, Toronto

stagger harlequin thresh
open instrumentation

open instrumentation

a(n) ash
to Agnes Aurora Sherlock Hernández
open instrumentation

a just society
open instrumentation

for Anne Bourne
voice, vcl

Republic of Canada
premièred July 2008, Rattlestick/ListenSpace, Manhattan/Brooklyn, New York

imperial noise
open instrumentation

las orquí­deas de Cuba (the orchids of Cuba)
I. las mismas miserias
II. these are my credentials
III. no hay nadie: a Dra.Yenisey Hernández Infante

for Licia Mariaelisa Teresa Donadonibus
string quartet, cimbalom(alt. Clavinet), Cloud Chamber Bowls
Commissioned by NUMUS
Premièred at Open Ears Festival

belladonna (revised)
I MAria VIctoria
II Donna
viola, 19 tone guitar, chromelodeon, 3 Hosaphones
for Critical Band
Premièred November 18, 2001 at the Music Gallery, Toronto

Rose Madder (revised)
vln, vla, vcl
Premièred February 9, 2001 at the Music Gallery, Toronto

women [withdrawn]
3 Violas d’amore

violin, 19 tone guitar, chromelodeon
for Critical Band
Premièred at Microstock, Los Angeles, Spring 1999


Rose Madder
vln, vla, vcl
Premièred May 30th, 1996 at the Music Gallery, Toronto
by Michelle Denning, Elizabeth Reid and Alyissa Wright

pno, vib, gl
for Linda C. Smith and Rick Sacks
Premièred June 22nd, 1996 at the Music Gallery
by Stephen Clarke and Richard Moore

She I You
chamber orchestra

Naught Queen’s Knavel
3 percussionists
for Bryan Malito
Premièred September 3rd, 1994 at Von Kuster Hall, London

2 vln, vla, cl, 2 tbn, 2 pno
Premièred at the Music Gallery, Toronto

Dying Matador Dying (Beckett)
chamber orchestra
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

Soft Addiction
harmonium, tape
Premièred at the London Public Library, London

Faded Fragment of an Illumination
fl, alt. fl, pno
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

Cathedral Skyscraper
picc. tpt, 2 tpt, 2 hrn, 2 tbn, tba, tape
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

Punishment (Heaney)
sop, hrp, pno
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

Notre Dame (0ne of the high windows of the nave)
sop, alto, tape
Premièred at Talbot Hall, London

Fall Collection
fl, vln, vla, vib, hrp, pno


The Cinnamon Peeler (Ondaatje)
bar, sop, bsn, vla, orgPremièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

…with Heaven full of astronauts
fl, ob, cl, bsn, vln, vla, vcl, db
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

For Romina: Three Poems Set in a Ring (Anon., Pound, Beckett)
mezzo, cl, vln, vla, vcl
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London

Three Songs
2 pianos

Music When Soft Voices Die (Shelley)
SSAA, vln, celesta
Premièred at Von Kuster Hall, London