various chamber music


Première April 10th, 2015 @ the Array Space, Toronto
Rick Sacks, percussion
Branko Dzinovic, accordion
Adam Scime, bass


[2014] Adrian Verdejo, guitar. Recorded by Brian Campbell.

Performed by the Victoria Guitar Trio Live at the University of Victoria’s Alumni Concert Series. January 25, 2016.

to Billy Preston

the Redshift Music Society – Rebecca WhitlingJennie Press, violins; Anthony CheungRobin Streb, violas; Stefan HintersteiningerFinn Manniche, cellos; Meaghan WilliamsJoel Kerr, contrabass
premièred January 26th, 2007


possibly you three

Richard Moore – cimbalom, Stephen Clarke – piano, Erica Goodman – harp
for Richard Moore
Premièred Oct 18, 2000 at Christ’s Church Deer Park, Toronto


All Saints, Still

for The Burdocks
Marc Sabat- violin, Margaret Gay – ‘cello, Eve Egoyan – piano, Coleen Cook – clarinet
Premièred May 10th, 1998 at the Music Gallery, Toronto